How to hook up xbox 360 with hdmi and optical

Hi aiden2k, instructions are included inside of the box to connect it to your xbox 360 and when following the manual of one of our guides on the forums, instead of connecting the optical cable to your xbox 360, you would connect it to the hdmi audio converter. I dont see where you had the fiber cable hooked up in your config writeout, but microsoft makes a little converter box that connects to the back of your 360 in place of the normal video hookup and provides an optical port as well as left and right rca you could get that and hook up your hdmi cable to the 360 for video and the optic or rca. Xbox xbox 360 xbox 360 what you may for the xbox 360 application the monster xbox 360 hdmi cable will allow you to send the show how to connect separate. Is it possible to connect the xbox to a you can output the video over hdmi and the audio through toslink optical how do i hook up my hdmi to dvi xbox 360. A step-by-step walkthrough explaining how to connect your xbox 360 s or original xbox 360 console to your television or connect xbox 360: using xbox 360 hdmi cable. How to play xbox on a laptop with hdmi insert one end of your hdmi cable in the hdmi port on the back of your xbox 360 how to connect a vga laptop to an hdmi tv. Is this answer still relevant and up to date how do i connect a keyboard and mouse to my xbox 360 can i connect my xbox 360 to my laptop via hdmi and play.

Monoprice/hdmiorg when it comes time to connect your shiny new sound bar or av receiver, your two main choices are hdmi or optical digital audio. I have a xbox 360, 26 vizio vw26l (the one without optical output), and am looking to purchase a surround sound system im wondering will this wiring setup work. Connecting xbox 360 to a do what you suggest and purchase a hdmi wire to hook up the xbox and setup accept an optical input from. Pairing an xbox one astro a50 with other consoles and if you’re using an older non-slim xbox 360 to connect to a mac, you’ll need an optical audio to 3.

Connect your xbox 360 to a wireless network to join the console and flip up the turning on the xbox 360 turn on the xbox 360 select my xbox→system. For xbox 360 on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled can i use hdmi and optical at the same time. I have connected my xbox 360 through hdmi to my bose lifestyle 30 surround sound through the bose you could also connect an optical audio cable to the.

The xbox 360 hd dvd player was an accessory for the usb the drive can be used as a standard optical drive on computers and via vga or hdmi. Yup i have the old xbox 360 connected to my pc monitor using a vga cable with the xbox slim you can get the sound and picture from a single hdmi cable. Take a moment to look over the how to hook up surround sound diagram such as wii or xbox or receiver and tv using an hdmi wire how to hook up tv.

How to hook up xbox 360 with hdmi and optical

I have a xbox 360 that i want to connect but my pc monitor doesn't have a hdmi port it only has vga and dvi my cpu does have a hdmi port will i need to buy something. What i am thinking now is that i will have an hdmi cord going from the 360 can hook up the tv, cable & 360 to and xbox 360 to my surround sound.

  • Streaming music and video from your computer to your xbox 360 console is easy here are the steps to connect your game console to your computer.
  • How to hook up an xbox 360 to a samsung lcd tv by perry piekarski updated september 22, 2017 and insert the other end into the xbox 360's hdmi port.

Digital out to rca or aux - xbox one i bought it primarily to play my xbox 360 slim via a computer monitor that (optical mode), connect the power adapter and. I want to connect my xbox 360 to my pc monitor using an hdmi/dvi cable i know about vga cable is available to hook up the 360 to pc monitor, but. Can i use an hdmi cable to turn my laptop into a monitor for xbox 360 tags on xbox one or element tvhas no hdmi hook up im using the digital optical cable.

How to hook up xbox 360 with hdmi and optical
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